About Us

Situated on the edge of the lively and interesting market town of Malton, St. Mary's is the only surviving Gilbertine Priory in England still in use for regular worship. Open daily from dawn to dusk, visitors are invited to explore this ancient house of God and to join either with us in worship or to enjoy the holiness and quietness of this place.
Founded in 1150 AD our church has a strong Prayer Book tradition for all services and gives a warm welcome to all newcomers.

Built continually by the Gilbertine Priory from 1100 - 1150 AD, there was considerable restoration work done in 1880 by Temple Moore.
Guide books and history of the Gilbertine movement are available in the Church.

St. Mary's Church is 1 mile from the town of Malton, on the road towards Pickering.