About Us

OUR PURPOSE is to live our lives in worship of God and serve His mission in the world.

Our aim is to be a growing, worshipping, celebrating, caring, welcoming and proclaiming Christian presence in the village and to the world.

As a Christian Community in Broomfleet our Mission is:
- to GROW together in deepening fellowship of love and trust with one another and with our heavenly Father.
- to GROW to be like Jesus and in our knowledge and love of God
- to GROW in numbers of regular worshippers
- to GROW in prayerful and practical links with other Christians locally and worldwide.
- to maintain a WELCOMING relaxed atmosphere for learning, worship and fellowship and where those not yet ready for commitment can be free to explore their faith.
- to learn to know God in WORSHIP so that we enjoy Him & are strengthened to love and to serve Him as our Lord.
- to CELEBRATE the truth of the Gospel and the redeeming power and presence of God in the whole of life.
- to PROCLAIM the good news we have, encouraging others to join us as followers of Jesus.
- to show the love of Jesus in practice as we CARE for one another and for others in need.

We are a Christian Presence in the village. The church building is in a prominent position, well maintained and decorated. It stands as a reminder that God cares about the people in Broomfleet.

The regular services provide an opportunity for people to learn about our Lord and meet with His people. We provide and publicize a variety of services with a regular time of service. The services, which the village comes to most easily, are the Harvest and Christmas Services. We could add a “Songs of Praise Service” perhaps in the open air during the summer. Our new notice board draws attention to the regular activities of the congregation.

We value the warm friendly atmosphere of the congregation.