Children on Sundays

Our Parish Mass on Sunday mornings at 9.30am is our main service of the week. Although not specifically aimed at children, they are very welcome to attend. We have a children’s area to the left of the Altar with a selection of toys and colouring pictures.

During Mass children can take part in Sunday School in the hall or stay in church with their parents. Sunday School starts with a short informal service which includes some singing.  Then they complete art and craft activities based on the theme of the day.  The children are brought back into church during the offertory hymn about half way through Mass. Preschool children can join in with Sunday School but need a parent to stay with them. You are welcome to join your older child in Sunday School too if they would prefer you to be with them.  All our Sunday School Leaders are experienced at working with children and are DBS checked.

We have children’s Mass Books to help you and your child understand what is going on. If you would like someone to sit with you to guide you through Mass please ask.

Young children are naturally curious and our church is a great open space that they will be tempted to explore. If your young child is exploring please feel free to follow your child around so that you can keep them safe as our building is not completely child proof! While everyone in church likes to be able to hear what is going on, please don’t worry if your young child is making some noise, we do understand. Bringing some quiet toys and books or using our children’s area can help keep young children occupied.

Once every month we have a Family Mass instead of Parish Mass at 9.30am. The dates are announced on our Social Media accounts and our website. There is no Sunday School during Family Mass as we all join together in church. The hymns are modern and the sermon is aimed at children and young people. The children take part in the Readings, Prayers and Offertory Procession.