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Welcome to the website for Rainton Mission Room. If you're looking for information about the Church of England in Rainton, you've come to the right place.


Rainton is actually in the parish of Baldersby with Dishforth*, and the parish church (St James') is two miles from Rainton, at Baldersby St James. The 'church' in Rainton is the Mission Room, which is situated in the middle of the village and is marked by a small bell-tower and a 'lamb and flag' (symbol of Jesus Christ) on the side of the wall. The Mission Room is used during the week by the Montessori Nursery.


Worship takes place in the Mission Room on the third Sunday in each month and is led by the Vicar.  People arrive between 9.00am and 9.15am for coffee/tea/fruit-juice and croissants, and for fellowship. This is followed by a 'thought for the day', often based on the gospel reading for the day, and informal teaching, discussion and prayer, as we seek to work out how the gospel message applies to us in our daily lives. The Prayer Breakfast is attended by people who live in the village, those who regularly attend services at St James', and those who come from elsewhere because they prefer this type of worship. All are welcome. Just come along.


Contact the Vicar*, too, if you are looking to arrange a baptism, wedding or funeral (*during the Vacancy, please contact The Rev'd Fiona Mayer-Jones, using the Get in Touch page on this website)


The Methodist Church in Rainton also meets in the Mission Room. <span style="font-size: 1rem;"> </span>

*More information about the Parish of Baldersby with Dishforth can be found on its website - www.baldersbychurch.org

Part of the Benefice of Topcliffe, Baldersby with Dishforth, Dalton and Skipton on Swale