About Us

Mariners Church is the focal point of the historic docks in Gloucester and has been at the heart of this great city for more than 160 years.  The global maritime community came and went from Gloucester for decades.  The gospel was preached in many languages to sailors from all over the world.

After the decline of the Docks, the massive regeneration of the area has provided new opportunities for us at Mariners. Many people now live in what were once warehouses. Many others work in the Docks. Still others shop in the Docks and in the Quays.  The docks are also a popular tourist destination with many of the visitors coming to see the Church, which is open to the public every day. 

The church has a hall just next to the popular cafe - Bake and Brew, providing much needed additional space for midweek meetings.   This has enabled us to develop new and exciting forms of ministry to the very different users of the Docks in the 21st Century.  The church is growing again and has become a vibrant place of worship where everyone is assured of a warm welcome.