Facilities and features


Some parking is usually available at the Old Rectory

We have a ramp which can be used when needed.

There are large print hymn books.

We are happy to welcome all well behaved dogs to our services.

Our Building

The church is always open.

St Nicholas is grade 1*. It has an ancient round tower and medieval pew ends amongst other delights. In the vestry, which is locked at the moment, are some remarkable monuments. The key can be requested.

We have the bronze award. A large part of the churchyard is left uncut and from spring with the snowdrops to summer with ox-eye daisies it looks beautiful. There is a large clump of meadow saxifrage.

Music and Worship

We are lucky to have a regular organist who plays at most of our services.

Our services use the Book of Common Prayer

Groups, Courses and Activities

Help for Visitors

There is a guide book.

The church is always unlocked.

Other Features

A large part of the churchyard is a conservation area.