Giving to Saint Peter's

We are very grateful for all the financial support people give our church and parish in all sorts of ways : by cash donations when they come to a service or visit the church (there are donation boxes by both the sets of church doors), by gifts in their wills, by supporting our fund-raising activities such as the Summer and Christmas Fairs, our draws and raffles, and those concerts which we promote in church as part of our fund-raising. These are only examples. We are a registered charity under the number 1131913. 

If you want to make a donation to support us, cheques should be made payable to "Swinton and Pendlebury Parochial Church Council" (Parochial Church Council can be abbreviated to PCC and is our official title as a charity). They can be sent to Saint Peter's Rectory, Vicarage Road, Swinton, M27 0WA.

There are also various ways in which people support us financially on a regular basis. You don't have to come to church regularly to do this. We are very grateful to all our regular donors : those who come to worship regularly in church and those who don't. We issue weekly giving envelopes which enable people to make a regular cash or cheque donation and many of us find that the envelopes organise this, especially when we are particularly busy or if we are away from time to time. Envelopes with their money in can be brought into church, delivered to the rectory, or we can arrange for them to be collected from you from time to time. Sets of envelopes are issued from the  parish office in the Fletcher Hall and can be ordered in church or by telephone (0161 727 8175) or by e-mail [email protected] 

There are also those who donate regularly by means of a monthly or annual banker's order, a standing order to your bank to pay us as you choose. Donation in this way has been particularly helpful to us during the times of lockdown. Your bank will be able to do this and we have a form in church with all the details you need to set this up - or we can send you the details in answer to an e-mail - address as above.  

Your giving to us can also be enhanced by use of Gift Aid, either by signing a Gift Aid form or by using a Gift Aid envelope - both are available on request. 

What - you may ask - do we spend all the money on? Well, the simple maintenance, insurance, and upkeep of Saint Peter's and the other two churches in the parish and our parish hall costs quite a lot, and making sure the church can be used each day and paying our lighting and heating bills does not come cheap - as we all know.  The running of our prayer and worship brings financial costs. Our parish office is a hive of activity but all that also brings expense. Our biggest expense each year is the amount we are expected to pay to the diocese and through the diocese to the wider church to pay clergy stipends, pensions, housing, and training. And then there are also costs connected with things like safeguarding and public liability insurance. Each year we produce full accounts and these are submitted to both the church authorities and to the Charity Commission.