Fetes, Fairs and other Fund Raising

On Saturday 25 July from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.. the Rector, Fr Jeremy, will be sat at the main doors of All Saints' receiving gifts and donations for the maintenance and expansion of our mission and ministry. Inevitably the Coronavirus has left a major hole in our financial plans for the year, especially as a consequence of our cancellation of the Summer fair. Perhaps some will want to make a donation because of what they would have spent at the Fair, others because they want to support the way in which All Saints serves as a reminder of things of God. All will be gratefully received. 

As well as the generous stewardship and giving of our regular congregations, and the donations and collections at services, like many other churches, we have a number of fund-raising events during the year.  The money raised helps us to pay for the upkeep and use of our churches and other buildings, our mission and ministry and their costs, and the contribution we are asked to make each year to diocesan and national church costs - from which are paid clergy stipends and pensions, the training of future clergy, and many other resources and services. Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus situation we have had to announce today the cancellation of this year's All Saints' Summer Fair. 

When we are able to plan further fund-raising events details will be included here.