About Us

If you are visiting, ‘testing your toes in the water’ of this  parish church or, planning to make a long-term commitment to St Saviour’s Wendell Park – Welcome!

What sort of church [meaning the people of God in this place] are we?  Well, an extraordinary one!  People here are of a broad Anglican tradition, which they  express in various ways (catholic, evangelical and charismatic) and we respect each other in our differences as we attempt to know more of God, through the Son by the out-working of The Holy Spirit.

What sort of people are we?  Well, an extraordinary mix that  reflects the nature of this great city.  And, again, we respect each other in our differences.

At St Saviour’s, our worship is important to us and we try and offer thoughtful preaching and informed teaching for people of all ages, combined with service to the wider community but, underpinning all that we do is a commitment to prayer and a  belief that we should all have time to have fun!  That’s the aim.  Of course, we fall short of all these things but . . . we’re working at it!

If you would like to join us in our ‘adventurous pilgrimage’ by  worshipping with us or even contributing one of the gifts that God has, no doubt, blessed you with, again: “Welcome” and, please don’t hesitate to contact the Parish Office if you have any queries.