About Us

Hi there, and thanks for checking our church out! Here's a little bit about us.

We're a vibrant Anglican church in the heart of North London.

Our vision is to be Centred on Jesus, transforming north London, one life at a time.

At St Luke's our values are to be - Authentic, Generous, Creative, Welcoming and Compassionate.

In 1991 St Luke's was closed and lay dormant in the heart of this community for 20 years. Upon the invitation of the Bishop of London, a team led by Jon & Sus March set about the task of seeing the doors reopen once again. We re-opened our doors in 2011, after being closed for 20 years.

In April 2011 Jon was made the Vicar of St Luke's. Since then we have been growing closer to each other and to Jesus and seeking to look out for the needs of those around us.

We would love to have you come and join us at St Luke's!

Find out more on our website: slkt.org.uk/ourstory