Worship Resources

Just because services in our churches are currently suspended because of Coronavirus COVID-19, it doesn't mean that we stop being church, and cannot still worship together.

The following are just some of the resources that are available to all of us:

Television programs

Sunday:                                  Songs of Praise at 1.15pm on BBC 1

Radio programs

Daily:                                  Prayer for the Day at 5.43am on Radio 4

                                            Daily Service at 9.45am on Radio 4 Longwave and DAB

(The Daily Service is available on a Radio 4 DAB side channel which is automatically made available about a minute before the programme begins. After tuning to Radio 4 DAB, select "Daily Service" (from your display) with the tuning wheel and press the selector button. On some radios the side channel can be stored on a preset button)

Weekly:   Sunday’s            Sunday Worship at 8.10am on Radio 4 

                                             National “Virtual” Service at 8am on Local BBC Radio                                                                                                                         (and online in the Church of England and BBC from 9am) 

                                             Choral evensong at 3.00pm on Radio 3

                  Wednesday’s    Lent Talks at 8.45pm on Radio 4

                                             Choral evensong at 3.30pm on Radio 3

Online / On Demand

Many TV’s also have access to BBC iPlayer & BBC Sounds programs which offer a large number of Religious and Ethical programs.


Monday to Saturday at 8.30am - Bishop Martin and Bishop Mike will stream Morning Prayer.                                                      You can watch live or at a time to suit you at www.facebook.com/BishopsCofEsuffolk/

Monday to Friday at 5pm - St Edmundsbury Cathedral will stream Evensong/Evening Prayer.

Saturday & Sunday at 3.30pm - St Edmundsbury Cathedral will stream Evensong/Evening Prayer.

Sundays at 10am - St Edmundsbury Cathedral will stream a Holy Communion Service                                                              <span style="font-size: 1rem;">You can watch live at </span>www.facebook.com/stedscathedral

Other Resources

The Church of England have issued prayer and intercessions suitable for individual and families to use at home. They can be found at: www.tiny.cc/CofEHomePrayers

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