About Us

St Mary's Church, Nedging

A little gem of a Suffolk country church, nestling on the edge of Nedging Hall estate at the top of a hill. Everything about it is plain and simply, neat and beautiful, cared for light and welcoming.

The wardens love to see that visitors have been and signed the visitor's book. It is always good to know that leaving the doors unlocked for visitors is worthwhile and that others have enjoyed what the parishioners know and love.

It is a 13th century church with 18th century Gothic additions and has a medieval font. The proportions are pleasing to the eye and here and there details are to be treasured - pew ends, doorways, fresh flowers.

You can park by the gates on weekdays and if there are a few cars around on a Sunday go on past and park in front of the stables next door. If you were to come to a communion service you would be able to see the exquisite needlework on the altar kneelers.