Baptism/Christening and Video for Parent and Godparents


Baptism (or Christening as it is often called) is the beginning of an individual’s journey of faith in Jesus Christ. Within the four parishes of Bramford, Baylham, Nettlestead and Little Blakenham we are very happy to baptise babies as well as those of more mature years. So whether you are thinking of having your child baptised or you would like to make this commitment of faith of yourself we would be very pleased to talk with you. Please contact the Vicar Rev Eric to have a conversation.

Baptism in the Parishes

Our regular pattern is to Baptise on Sundays and occasionally during the Parish Eucharist which lasts an hour. The Baptism Service (outside the Parish Eucharist) lasts approximately half an hour.

During the Baptism Service the candidate/parents/Godparents make promises on their own behalf and on behalf of the children. These are important promises and to help prepare for a baptism the vicar will arrange to meet with you to discuss the baptism service.

This will give us a chance to explain what happens during the service and why, and for you to explore the Christian faith more deeply and ask any questions you may have.

Booking a Baptism:

We welcome enquiries for baptism from those who live in the parish, those who are regular worshippers at any of our four churches, and those who have a prior connection to any if the parishes.

Godparents and Sponsors:

The Church of England requires that Godparents are baptised themselves and that one of your chosen Godparents is a Confirmed member of the Church. Tradition dictates that each child has 3 Godparents (2 of the same gender as the child) however it is also possible to have only 2 Godparents or 4 Godparents (there is only room in the registers for 4 names to be listed). If the people, you would like to be Godparents are not baptised it is possible for them to be Sponsors and to fulfil many of the Godparental roles but they will not be recorded as such in the registers.


There is no legal Fee for a Baptism, but we invite a voluntary donations for the Service, to cover lighting and candles and to help with the mission and ministry of the church.

A video from the Church Pastoral Aid Society giving the Christian view of Baptism and the promises parents will make when they bring thier child for infant baptism