About Us

Welcome! We hope you will feel thoroughly welcome here, in a community where you can make friends, feel you belong and grow in your relationship with God as we all experience together more of the transforming love, truth and freedom that Jesus offers. Whatever your background or life history, we look forward to welcoming you as part of this family, the family of God. 
Our mission: To honour and serve God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) with all our hearts,with all our souls and with all our minds. To be part of God's mission of extending the Kingdom of Heaven with the Good News of Jesus, salvation to all mankind. Our desire is for God's worship to be 24/7, our way of life. Worship here is about God, to God and for God. That God's love could be seen in us, between us and through us towards our neighbours and community.
Our Vision: God is calling us to be builders of the walls, all of us working together with Jesus as the foundation. We seek to work with God joyfully as he builds his kingdom in our lives and in our church.