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1 Apr 2020, 8:30 p.m.
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The building might be closed, but the church still goes on. We’re going to attempt a service at Sunday 10 am via a piece of software called “Zoom”. The software has been designed to be as simple to use as possible, and you don’t need to create any accounts to use it.

If you’re unsure about whether you’ll be able to figure it out, please give it a go! Words always make it sound more complicated than it is.

There are two ways to join the live church service:

1. Computer / Laptop

Before Sunday, go to, and a download should start automatically.

Once the file has downloaded, open it and run through the installation process.

That’s it! When it opens, just close it and forget about it until Sunday! Go to the “Join The Meeting” section below to see what you need to do on Sunday.

2. Mobile (Android / Apple)

Before Sunday, go to and click on the relevant link to which device you have. If you’ve got an android, click “Download on Google Play”. If you’ve got an iPad/iPhone, then click “Download in App Store”.

This should open the Play Store / App Store, and you can click “Install”. That’s it! You don’t need to do anything else until Sunday. To see what you need to do on Sunday, go to the “Join The Meeting” section below!

Join The Meeting

Make sure that you’ve completed either the “Computer / Laptop” or “Mobile (Android / Apple)” sections before doing this stage!

To join the meeting, all you need to do (whether on a computer or mobile device) is click the below link:

A notification should come up asking “Would you like to open this link in Zoom?” (exact phrasing will vary!), click “Yes”/”OK” and it should automatically switch to the Zoom app and join the meeting. You might be required to enter a display name (preferably your name!)


- In order to speak, your device needs a microphone. If you’re on a laptop or mobile device, these will often be built in, so you don’t need to worry. IF you’re on a desktop computer/tower then you will probably need a webcam for this.

- If possible and you’re comfortable with doing so, we’d love to see your faces! Part of the reason for doing this is that it will enable people to get some form of human contact! Just please make sure you’re wearing something appropriate!

- When you join, it may say “Waiting on the Host”, or something like that. Don’t panic! You’re in the waiting room and you’ll be ‘admitted’ into the meeting by the host (Ollie Scase).

- Unfortunately, we’re only able to have up to 100 people in the meeting at one time. We’re not sure how popular this will be, but will explore possibilities of making a recording of the service available to those who aren’t able to join. We’re really sorry if you’re unable to get in.

- You can join Zoom before 10am (by clicking the link), but you’ll only be let through into the meeting at 10am prompt. This is to make sure that we’ve got the service set up correctly before hand.

Many Thanks,

Ollie Scase

ASK Youth Worker

Mob: 07484 254534 | Email: [email protected]