Church of England Diocese of St.Edmundsbury & Ipswich Kesgrave

Service of Commemoration of the work of Thomas Clarkson

14 Jul 2021, 10 a.m.

Last Sunday 11th of July at St. Mary's church, Playford we held the Service of Commemoration of the work of Thomas Clarkson, friend of slaves. He was instrumental, along with William Wilberforce, in getting slavery abolished in the early 19th century. For years forgotten, he has rightly been restored to popular memory as a result of the celebration in 2007 of the bicentenary of abolition.

During the service led by Reverend Gary Jones, we had the pleasure of hearing The Right Reverend Dr Mike Harrison give his address. An exhibition treasure hunt around the church yard was organised by Ben Wale from Lightwave.

We must remember the horrors of the Slave Trade, reflect on its effects, and consider our response to its legacies.

Modern slavery is still present throughout the world today, despite attempts by individuals and organizations alike to eradicate it.

The power of our Voices must be used to advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves, and for all those who are destitute. Don't ignore the plight of the poor and needy; speak up and judge fairly.

The Clever Initiative enabled Church of England dioceses and wider church networks to raise awareness of