Funerals at All Saints

We understand that grief is very personal. There are a number of ways that we can provide support including a whole range of social events and church services. We hold an annual bereavement service where we gather to remember loved ones who have died.

It is important that you never feel as though you are alone in your grief. Please, if you are struggling, regardless of where you choose for your loved one's funeral, or who to approach to conduct it, do get in touch.

The church is here for you. The Christian faith holds the hope that death is not the end.

Do you have to be a church member to be buried in Sproughton Churchyard?

No. Anyone can ask a Church of England minister to take a funeral for someone they knew and loved. Neither the person who has died nor the person asking has to be a regular churchgoer. Rest assured, you will receive a warm and genuine welcome from the church and its minister.

Where can funerals be conducted by our local rector?

We can lead a service in the church, churchyard, cemetery, green burial sites, or a crematorium.

Can friends and family contribute to the service?

Yes. A funeral service is an important part of saying goodbye. We will personalize a service so it reflects your loved one. One of the advantages of a church service is that, unlike the crematorium, we do not have to set a time constraint so we can be more flexible.

Can people who are not residents of the village be buried in the churchyard?

Possibly. Burial requests from families of non-residents are considered carefully by the PCC.

Are there restrictions on the kind of memorial that we can erect in the churchyard?

Yes. There is a copy of the churchyard rules at Sproughton Church. It also available from the churchwarden or the rector.

Are church funerals expensive?

We are generally cheaper than other options?

Can we record the service?

It is possible for a family to arrange for someone to record or live stream the funeral.

Can I reserve a burial plot?

Rarely. You need to show a strong pastoral reason and there would need to be ample space available for the burial of parishioners likely to die before you. Ashes plots can not be reserved.  There are no spaces for full burials in the churchyard.

Can I plan my funeral in advance?

Yes. We recognize that thinking about your own funeral service and making your wishes known can be a comfort to your family. We can provide a free booklet for you to record your funeral wishes which offer an explanation of the choices which can be made for a Church of England funeral. It provides references for hymns, readings, and other ways to remember a unique life.

Please get in touch for further information

Sproughton Church and churchyard is a very special place, to sit peacefully, reflect and remember.