Following on from the successful 2020 project to undertake repairs to the tower, the next project is to re-render the outer walls of the nave. These have been patched and repaired on a running basis for many years – and at some stage on the past with the incorrect materials. In many places the lime render has popped and broken through, whilst in significant areas gentle tapping reveals that the outer render has already separated away from the inner wall.

Low level scaffolding will again be required, fortunately nowhere near as extensive and hence expensive as the tower works. The rainwater goods to the chancel will also be maintained and damaged sections of render near the priest’s door repaired along with further low level flushwork and stone dressings on the southern side of the tower. As in 2020 slipped and broken roof tiles will be replaced – most notably on the porch.

Whilst the builders estimate is of an acceptable level, until the render is removed the full extent of repairs required cannot be fully ascertained. Again, we expect to be able to reclaim the VAT incurred and the PCC will be applying to a number of grant awarding bodies for funding, but as ever more funding is always welcome.

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Whilst the PCC has put in place a project to restore and maintain the physical future of St Edmund’s, it needs to also consider the financial future of our parish church. We appreciate that many people in the village are not able to attend church on a regular basis. As a Parish church, St Edmund’s is available to be used by everyone, not only for regular worship, but also for special occasions such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals, or for just quiet contemplation. Bromeswell is a better village for a healthy church in its midst. </span><span style="font-size: 1rem;">However, additional funding is always welcome as the two repair projects will massively depleted our resources and there is yet more work to be done to safeguard our church for the future.  To donate, please copy and paste the link for digital donations, or download the form below.</span>

Your support would be most welcome.

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