Baptisms (Christenings)

Children who are too young to profess the Christian faith are baptised on the understanding that they are brought up as Christians within the family of the Church.

As they grow up they need the help and encouragement of that family, so that they learn to be faithful in public worship and private prayer, to live by trust in God, and come to confirmation.

Children who are brought to church for baptism depend chiefly on their parents and godparents for the help and encouragement they need.

We do not make a charge for Christenings (although if hymns are sung there will be a charge for the organist), but we encourage families to consider making a donation towards the work of the church and the upkeep of the building in order that future generations may continue to be Christened there. There will be a collection plate at the door at the end of the service.

Traditionally a girl has two Godmothers and one Godfather, and a boy has two godfathers and one godmother. There can be more but in practice three or four is plenty. In the past people often chose as Godparents people who would be good guardians for their child if anything happened to them. It is important to realise that Godparents have no legal rights or responsibilities and are not liable as guardians for their Godchildren. Parents should make provision for guardians in their wills. The most important thing is that you choose people you really like and trust to help you bring up your child as a Christian. That is what Godparents are for, and that is why they themselves must have been baptised (Christened).

If for some reason Godparents cannot be at the service they can arrange for someone else to be there and answer the questions on their behalf. This is called being a Godparent by proxy.

To arrange a Christening please contact us at [email protected] giving your name and address, with the name and date of birth of the child. We will then be able to let you know what dates are available for Christenings in the forthcoming months.