Weddings in the Kennett Valley Group, St Mary the Virgin Dalham, St Peters Moulton, All Saints Gazeley, St Mary's Kentford and St Stephens Higham

Congratulations on deciding to get married!

Please get in touch with the Vicar to make arrangements to have your ceremony in church. As far as is legally possible, we hope you will be able to have a church wedding with us in one of our four beautiful country churches.

There are many ways that couples qualify to get married in church, not least attending regularly for six months. Other ways of qualifying include if one of you lives in the parish or grew up here, or was baptised here. You may also qualify through your parents or grandparents. Contact the Vicar if in doubt.

You do not need to have been confirmed, baptised or even be a practising Christian in order to marry in a Church of England church.

Special arrangements apply for non-EEC nationals and those marrying after divorce. Contact the Vicar to enquire further, he will be glad to hear from you.