About Us

Constructed around 1324 AD, St Mary's has been at the heart of Kentford Village for nearly 800 years. There are regular services on the first and third Sundays of each month, along with monthly community events (such as our Coffee Mornings) and fresh expressions of church (such as our Cafe Church). 

The church building is open every weekend for visitors, and well-behaved dogs are welcome too! All we ask is that you respect this ancient place so it can be here for all who need it - now and in the years to come.

Things to look out for:

> Medieval wall paintings (a visible section is above the north door)

> Traditional box pews from the 18th Century

> An octagonal font from the 15th Century

> Victorian chancel with some interesting stained glass (do you know who GG is? We don’t!)

> A 14th Century Rose Window in the tower (visible from the chancel steps)

We have big plans for our small church - with a project to install modern facilities. We have gained approval for a new toilet and servery area and are now actively fund raising to make this a reality. Please do join us for one of our events (Pudding Evenings, Race Nights, Pre-loved Sales to name a few!), or donate through our website (see the Homepage). Don't forget, Gift Aid adds 25% to your donation for our church!

Cash donations and purchasing jams/pickles and a copy of our History of Kentford book in church all support our church community too.

The Kentford Charitable Fund

The Churchwardens and Vicar are trustees for a small trust fund that can be used to support parishioners struggling with heating costs. It was originally set up in the Victorian era to provide a bag of coal for the poor of the village. In modern times, we may be able to help with heating costs. Please contact the Vicar in confidence if you or someone you know (and is resident in Kentford) might need help.