About Us

We are a new kind of Church of England church. We work across the Cheltenham Deanery with particular connection to the South Cheltenham team. We are relaxed and informal and unashamedly family friendly with a membership made up from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and stages.

In many ways the heart of what we do is in our Network Groups. These meet during the week all over Cheltenham. Some are about coming together for fun, some are based around social action, others are mutual support groups, teaching groups, prayer groups or places of friendship where we work out what it means to live as followers of Jesus.

Networks are initiated and led by church members. Some might be weekly, some monthly, some quarterly and some seasonally. Members are able to take part in as many or as few networks as they wish. People do not need to be members of CNC to be part of one of the networks and there is no assumption that those who attend a network should automatically attend a Sunday gathering.

Networks are incarnational – they ‘go and inhabit’, building what they do where the people are and every network is shaped primarily by the people that connect into them.

Sunday mornings include contemporary worship led by a band, time to pray, and a talk that is usually interactive. Groups for kids from creche to 16 year olds meet for an hour alongside the service.  On the first and third Sundays we meet for prayer at 7pm in the URC in Warden Hill.