About Us

St Nicholas Cole Abbey is the home of the St Nick's Talks (www.stnickstalks.org) and St Nick's Church (www.stnickschurch.org.uk). We have been proclaiming the good news of Jesus to the City of London for many years. Our aim is to explain, from the Bible, the good news about the person and work of Jesus Christ to those who work in the Blackfriars, Mansion House and St Paul’s area. In 2016, in partnership with two other mid-week lunchtime meetings, a Sunday service was launched. Our hope and prayer that the work of the Gospel will be strengthened in the City by a Sunday church and that many people, particularly those who work in the City, will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ through this ministry. We welcome people at any stage of Christian understanding, whether you would call yourself a Christian or are simply interested in finding out more about the Christian faith.