St John's Cafe is open every morning, monday to friday, (except during school holidays).
Various activities are run in the Cafe through the week.
The office is usually open most days, (except holidays - when an aswerphone system is monitored)

Getting here

We are on the east side of Reading - one mile away from the centre, in the middle of mixed housing, with offices, shops, main roads, railways and a canal. In the late 1970’s two closely linked parish churches, St John’s and St Stephen’s, joined with the local Church of England primary school to become the Parish Centre. St Stephen’s church was demolished and St John’s has been taken over by the Polish Roman Catholic community.

The parish is in an urban priority area and has about 2,800 flats and houses in 3 main areas.
There are late Victorian terraced houses with a few new developments in the area between Liverpool Road and Cumberland Road. The area from Cumberland Road and the west end of Orts Road was redeveloped in the early to mid 1970’s, with houses, flats, council and housing estates properties. From the west end of Orts Road to the southern and western boundary there are mainly terraced houses, a few larger properties and some newer, redeveloped flats. Accommodation is increasing in the parish with some new flats and a large housing development.

121-147 Orts Road

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