About Us

Welcome to St Michael the Archangel a place of Christian worship with a caring and friendly community and a beautiful, historic building in the beautiful Cornish seaside resort of Newquay.

We are an Anglican parish where you can find a warm welcome, whoever you are. We have a Parish Eucharist every Sunday at 10.30am and Holy Communion services on Sunday at 8.30am and Wednesday at 10.30am.

At St Michael’s we believe that worship should be all-embracing, that it should help us to enter just a little bit into the mystery of God. A service should be a rich experience involving all the senses and the way we worship reflects that.

We use our eyes to enjoy the beauty of colour and ritual in our dress and our actions. We use our ears to hear word and music. We use our sense of smell as the smoke of incense rises as a sign of holiness and blessing, and a reminder of our prayers rising to God. We taste bread and wine as we receive Christ’s Body and Blood in Holy Communion, and we touch the wafer and the chalice as we receive. We use our whole selves to pray, standing, sitting or kneeling, maybe making the sign of the cross, and we use our voices to speak and sing God’s praises.

Whether we prefer to see, listen or ‘do’, we use all these to worship. Some people call this style of worship ‘High Church’. But whatever way you prefer to worship, you will receive a warm and friendly welcome at our church.

View church website for more information: stmichaelsnewquay.org.uk