About Us

Welcome to our website, please feel free to explore and find out more about us.

This Church is here to make the invisible love of God, visible to ourselves, each other and the wider community through prayer and action, word and sacrament. With a proclamation of good news and liberty for all and particularly those marginalised from society.

Initiatives have developed through the needs of the community. Mission has very definitely been about addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the wider community by discovering the Kingdom around us, and from that growing the Church.

Initiatives we are involved with are;

- We have become a founding partner in the Newquay Memory Café which has addressed the needs of a specific group of people in the town.

- The Luncheon Club has been existence for decades, and still provides bi-weekly lunches, and bi-weekly coffee, with cameraderie and regular outings.

- The friendship circle developed from an idea of a member of the congregation who noticed the loneliness of several non-church members in the community. Providing food and occupational therapy many people who use the service are making less demands on the statutory agencies.

- The bowling club began life as a fellowship time for Church members but now encourages non-church members of the community to join.

- The Littlies corner was a need that was identified by several young mums, who under Church guidance, insurance and funding established a Parent Toddler group on the premises. The links between the Church and the group have grown and strengthened.

- Newquay has a high incidence of drug misuse and increasingly the number of clients at the Newquay Needle exchange came from St. Columb Minor. Working with ADDACTION we provide a facility for some of the more vulnerable in our society.

Other things we are involved with are as follows ...

“Open the Book”

“Street Pastors”

Marriage preparation

Marriage counselling

Baptism preparation

Bereavement visiting and counselling

Confirmation preparation

Bible study

Opportunities for alternative forms of worship

Mentoring for young and old

Involvement with the St. Petroc’s Society

Member of N.E.A.D (facilitating young people into the right support)

Teenage counselling

Prison visiting

The halls are offered for free or nominal rents for organisations who are helping the community and its members. School teaching

Morality workshops

Weekly newsletter

Monthly multi parish magazine

Lay training through the Diocese