About Us

Welcome to St Winnow Church.

The Parish of St. Winnow covers a fairly large area from the River Fowey to the main London to Penzance railway line. Most of it is gently rolling countryside. Most of the population of the parish live in the eastern third of the town of Lostwithiel, the river being the boundary between the parishes of St Winnow and Lostwithiel.

Our church is in a stunning, if slightly isolated setting, and is well worth a visit.

Our worshipping community is inclusive and a warm welcome is assured to anyone who joins us for worship.

The Church is open daily throughout the year for visitors.

St. Winnow Parish Church is part of a group of six churches around Lostwithiel, working together for the Gospel in our area.

The Benefice of Lostwithiel Parishes administration office is in the Vestry of St Bartholomew's Church and is open between 9:00am and 12:00am on Mondays to Fridays, Tel. 01208 872232.  Entrance to the Vestry is via the North Street gate.

We do hope you enjoy your stay in the area and are able to join us for worship.