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Welcome to the parish church of Hessenford: St Anne in the Anglican Diocese of Truro and county of Cornwall England.

This beautiful little church can be found up the hill from the road that turns off the A387 by the Copley Arms. There is no parking immediately by the church. Suggested parking places are on the road, in the Copley Arms car park (but note we do not have permission for this, patronising the pub might be welcome) or in summer months behind the Church/Village hall just off the main road.

St Anne’s, Hessenford was built in 1832 as a district chapel-of-ease in St Germans parish to serve the growing population in Hessenford. It was consecrated on 26th September 1833. In 1871 it was rebuilt as a church, in the early English style and has a fine barrel-vaulted roof. The church now comprises chancel, nave, aisles, with a small tower and spire. It did not contain a bell, so the church became renowned for its shotgun weddings because a volley was fired in lieu of a peal.  

The stained west window is a memorial to a Mrs Abraham. The registers date from 1832. The parish of Hessenford is in the St Germans Registration District, and has been since 1st July 1837. Both the church and its setting are wonderfully beautiful and calming. The churchyard is adjacent but very high up on the NE side.

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