The earliest reference to the present church was in 1018 when King Canute granted land to Bishop Burwold for his life and then to pass to the Holy Germanies. This marked the connection with the priory at St Germans, whose monks were responsible for taking services at Landrake. The present stone built church seems to have been started a few years after the Domesday book of 1086. The font, which has been dated as about 1100, is probably the oldest part of the present day church. The tower (100 feet high) was started in the late 14th century and took about 50 years to build. In the 15th century complete rebuilding began around the old church to make it like it is today. The stone used came from the nearby Tartendown quarry. There has ben a clock in the tower since 1671. The present clock was built by Richard Almond of Devonport in 1848