St Sampson's Awarded Bronze Eco Church Award

Caring for God's creation is an integral part of being Christian.  At St Sampson's we are doing our best to learn more and do more.  For more information see and 

The online application form looked daunting but we realised that we had already done many of the things we needed (eg recycling all our paper, switching from single use plastic juice mugs to reusable ones) and the form helped us to focus on the remaining small steps we needed to take.  Small rural churches - take heart - you are probably already doing most of the right things.  Filling in the application form shows what other things you need to consider and where you need to make changes.

Ben Lillie, Truro Diocesan Environment Officer came to speak at one of our services recently and inspired us all to keep going.  We are now working towards our silver award ...  If you are hesitating about how to work out your carbon footprint or how to lessen your church's impact on the environment, ask Ben to come and talk to you.  He is awesome!