About Us

Currently our worship is suspended following the announcement of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the current Covid-19 outbreak. We are all praying. 

Please keep an eye on facebook for online input. And please follow guidance and keep safe. Our buildings remain open for private prayer but please do ensure you wash your hands before and after visiting. You can still contact Becca, our vicar, if you need to and weddings and funerals can still go ahead.

Welcome to the parish church of St Cleer: St Clarus in the Anglican Diocese of Truro and county of Cornwall England. 

We are a diverse and friendly church who welcome everyone. Our worship is broadly traditional, and we love to welcome children. There are activities available for them to do during the service and a play area where they can play freely during worship. We have tea/coffee after our service and hope visitors, regulars, and irregulars will stay. 

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Our Church is open during the day every day, and there are facilities to make yourself a drink and the chapel is open for quiet prayer. </span>

Please drop in to visit.