About the parish

Thursford, St Andrew’s

Population: 210
Church Electoral Roll: 11
Usual Sunday attendance: 8

Occasional Offices
Last 5 years: Baptisms 2
Weddings 2
Funerals 2

Organ played by Danny Wakefield.

Church Building
Dating from the 13th century Thursford church underwent considerable rebuilding in the 19th century when the church, well isolated from the village, served as an estate church. The chancel roof was restored in 1994, and the East windows releaded in 1999. Field car parking.

The PCC pays the parish share in full. There is good support in the village for the church’s fundraising activities.

Charities and Trusts
The rector is a trustee of a Fuel Charity for the deserving of the parish.

The Parish
The village is split into three distinct areas. A major tourist attraction, the Thursford Collection, is situated in the village centre with its traction engines, fairground carousels and street organs, and at Christmas the famous concerts attract concert-goers by busloads from all over the country. The A148 divides part of the village and the crossroads pub now doubles as a Thai restaurant. Other isolated main road properties include the local garage/petrol station and a quality fish restaurant.

The small Methodist chapel is active and the congregations come together on occasions. Thursford Open Gardens is a regular triennial event.