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Christianity Explored online course

Every Monday at 8 p.m. for 1hr 15m


Where is God in a coronavirus world?
Why do pandemics bring out the best and worst of humanity?
Where can I find security in the face of an uncertain future?
We all have big questions about life and faith. Maybe Covid-19 has given you some more.
We love questions and the people who ask them. That’s why we’re running Christianity Explored over Zoom.
Christianity Explored is a course designed for people with questions about life and God. Each week we’ll watch a short talk and then split into smaller groups to chat about what we’ve heard, and look at a section of the Bible together.
You won’t be asked to pray, and you can participate as much as you’d like.

Christianity Explored is a 7 week course, but you don’t need to commit to the whole thing straight away! Why not come along to the first one or two evening and see what you think?
Sign up on the our website (link below) to receive an email with the Zoom link each week. You can opt out anytime, and we won’t share your data with anyone.

Christianity Explored course