About Us

Otley Parish Church is a Grade I listed building and has been the heart of Otley for 1000 years and more.
Our vision is to be an open, welcoming and supportive community of Christians who encourage one another in making Christ known in Otley and beyond. We recognise everyone as a child of God, so there is “a place for everyone, with Christ at the centre”. We are enriched by different traditions of faith. We have much to proclaim and we have much to learn. Our openness and our readiness to learn stem from our deep commitment to Christ and to the world he came to save.

Otley Parish Church is like a garden, full of young and old plants growing together, with different colours, shapes, fruits and flowers, flowering and fading, growing and dying. It is hard work but a rewarding place to be, full of joy and rest.
We believe passionately in the power of prayer and pray regularly for our Church community, the town of Otley and the wider world. If you are in need of prayer for a particular person or area of your life please place your request on the prayer tree just inside the north door of the Church.
Most people today believe in God—but what sort of God? Where does Jesus fit in? What about the Bible? How do we pray? What about suffering? As well as worshipping in Church, we meet together in smaller groups to support each other in our Faith and in our day to day lives. We don’t have all the answers but we are on a journey of discovery—growing to know God and what it means to follow Jesus Christ in the 21st century. Do join us.
We work together with the other Christian Churches through Churches Together in Otley.