Donating seeds and growing pots to Humberstone Schools

<div>Matthew Creber-Davis, Councillor Ruma Ali and Viv Froggatt presented the bags to Ifat Sultana, Head of School, and Emily Hart, Year 5 team leader, at Humberstone Junior Academy.</div><div>Each bag contains the following:</div><div><ul><li>A Plant Pot </li><li>A Compressed Soil Bomb </li><li>2 Packets of Seeds </li><li>A nature book filled with Facts and Pictures </li><li>Instructions on how to grow your plant </li></ul>

The bags were funded by a local ward council grant.

Lots of 'thank yous' from the schools

Thank you very much <span style="font-size: 1rem;">from all of Year 1. We are incredibly grateful and are all very excited to see what we can grow</span>

<div><div lang="en" id="notification-tweet-text">A big 'Thank you' to Matthew Netherhall Chaplain, Councillor Ruma Ali & St Mary's Church Humberstone for providing seed pots & booklets for our Yr1 & Yr5 children. I can't wait to hear what the children think.</div></div></div>

What a fabulous gift that links so beautifully with our current y5 novel and our y1 Geography project. Much appreciated.