About Us

St Andrew's is the Parish Church for the village of Trowse, just south of the city of Norwich,  offering a warm welcome to all. 

As well as residents of the village, our congregation includes people from further afield who appreciate our style of worship and our friendly, inclusive approach.

The church was probably founded in the year 1281 by William de Kirby, Prior of Norwich, and consisted of that part known as the chancel.

The tower was added in the 15th. Century, as well as the south porch and nave.

The font is 15th. century and is the only original piece of church furnishing remaining.
By 1899 the church was derelict - the box pews were rotting, the roof leaked, the three decker pulpit was a ruin, the legs of the altar were tied up with string, the old gallery at the west end was supported on worm-eaten pillars, and the steps to it had been repaired with old boards containing the Ten Commandments. It is thanks to the vicar at the time, William Macnaughton-Jones, that the building was restored.</font></font>

In 1903 the south wall and pulpit were restored and the 16th. century Dutch wooden figures added at the base of the pulpit.

The new vestry and side chapel were dedicated in 1906, and a new organ in 1913.

The church was flooded in 1912 to a depth of three feet in the nave. Previous floods had been reported in 1271, 1607, 1697, 1791 and 1794.
The one remaining church bell dates from 1767.

The east window is a memorial from 1926. The reredos, which is a copy of an Italian masterpiece, was carved by a Mr. Minns, and was dedicated in 1905.

The painting on the south wall is by the Norwich artist, J.T.Heins, and dates from 1710. It was fully restored in 2018/19