About Our Church

During restoration, pieces of two elaborate lids of ancient stone coffins were discovered inserted into the south transept and south aisle walls. A new organ was installed in 1877, a new weathercock erected in 1886 and the Bishop of Reading, Archdeacon Randall, consecrated the church on 9th August 1891.

In the same year, the churchyard was enlarged with land given by Sir Francis Burdett. The new lectern, subscribed for by a few friends and parishioners (£21), was used for the first time on 4th June 1893

The Seymour Chapel was restored by funds provided by the Rev. W. 0. Jenkyn and his friends; at the same time the chancel was rebuilt, the costs defrayed by Christ Church and Sir Robert Burden. The architect, Ewan Christian, deplored the damage done by earlier restorative work, which destroyed several of the building's original features.