About Us

The building is the oldest in Braunstone, dating back to 1168. The building was much-altered, especially in the 1930s when an extension was added to accommodate the new residents of the council estate. Now the extension is a community hall, and the worship space is the old medieval village church.
Worship is middle Anglican: we enjoy singing and are told we're welcoming. We're committed to creative work in our council estate parish, and have links with several nearby churches.

What we think church is about. And how we can help you.

We’re part of the West Leicester Mission Partnership with the Church of the Martyrs, Holy Apostles church, St Anne’s and St Paul’s with St Augustine’s and Wyggestons.
We work with b-inspired in our community of Braunstone.
We want to welcome and include everyone. St. Peter’s is a Fairtrade Church.

St Peter’s Church has been in Braunstone since 1168, and we hope to be there for many years to come. But Braunstone is a very different place from the farming village of 800 (or even 100) years ago. Most Braunstone residents of today don’t have a lot of money, and we are called by God to serve especially those who are poor.

Our Mission Action Plan gives a shape to our vision, and guides our actions. The current MAP has five elements:

Worshipping God

Serving our Community

Encouraging each other

Drawing people to Jesus

Keeping the show on the road