World War Memorials

At Christ Church we have 6 World War 1 and 2 World War 2 stained glass memorial windows. There are also 2 stained glass windows in memory of J Aitcheson Gott. We also have a wall plaque in memory of  Henry Herbert Hoare Hoarde.

Information regarding these memorials is held at the Imperial War Museum and can be accessed using this  link: 

Once you arrive at the web page scroll down to  'Search War Memorials' and type in the appropriate number (please see list below) in the space provided.

Then click on the name: 'Christ Church'. This should reveal the image(s) of the memorial(s).

21824 WW1 The six saints memorial windows in the south aisle.

91312 WW2  The King Alfred and St Martin memorial window in the north Aisle and side meeting room.

91314 J Aitcheson Gott: The two Passover windows in the south chancel.

91315 The World War 1 roll of honour comprising of three sheets of paper  listing the names of all those who served.

94129 Henry Herbert Hoare Hoarde: A wall plaque on the north wall near to the organ.