About Us

St Oswald’s Anglican Church dominates the centre of the village, being set on a rise framed by the church yard. The community holds the church in great affection, as do visitors who holiday in the area, many of who have commented on the warmth of welcome that is extended to all, exemplified by the fact the church is open every day. Throughout the year alongside traditional services, it offers a variety of other services, activities and events. These are designed to appeal to as a wide a range of the community as possible, in order to share the love of God and the ministry of Christ.

Services of worship take place at St Oswald's every week, in a variety of styles to meet the needs of the local community, its children, young people and its many visitors. The church is also used to host music, drama and other social events.

Before you leave, we encourage you to spend a little time in silence; sit down, rest and ask God to speak to you. We worship a God whose nature it is to bless and to love us in all the different circumstances of our lives.
Praying is ‘talking to God’ and so we invite you to pray for the work of this faith community and for all those who visit us.  We try to pray for all our visitors each week so it would be helpful if you could sign our visitors book, either online on our website or at the back of Church.

St Oswald's is a Grade 1 listed church, and has one of the finest examples of a barrel vaulted roof in the dales, if not the country.