Church of England Diocese of Leeds Leyburn

About Us

Built in 1868, Leyburn Parish Church remained as a daughter church to the parish of Wensley until 1956. It is the only church built by the architect Christopher George Wray but he also designed the Docks Offices, now the Maritime Museum, in Hull and the Cairo Hotel in Cairo.
The church is light and airy and many visitors comment on its peaceful atmosphere and its simple beauty. A small Prayer Chapel offers opportunity for private prayer and you may light a candle or leave a request on the prayer board for the prayers of the parishioners. Information on church and town is displayed and the building is usually open every day from Easter to the end of September.
The congregation is small and elderly but the church seeks to be active in the town, supporting the local police, medical centre and farmers as well as residents, businesses and visitors. You are assured of a warm welcome at the services.