About Us

Each area in the Church of England is in a Parish and many churches have a Parish Purpose.
Our Parish Purpose is to "Worship God and show that Jesus' love makes a difference in reaching, serving and caring."

Following Jesus is what motivates, strengthens and guides us to  do this. Being a church is not just about a building, it is about people in community with a  living faith and an ongoing hope.

St.Catherine of Siena Church, Centre & Cafe is a developing resource for the local neighbourhood in Calcot and TIlehurst. Here in our "Neighbourhood Centre" in worship St.Catherine's congregations seek to worship God, renew their faith, get a top up and to be encouraged and equipped for living. Here, many community activities take place and help build a better community. We are developing  a particular emphasis on the lonely and isolated and adults with learning disabilities, centered on our new Cafe facilities.

We love to welcome families into the friendly church family. If you would like to talk about Thanksgiving and Baptism please contact us. Baptisms  are held on the first Sunday of the month at St.Catherine's at 11.30am, in a fun filled 45 minuntes for all the family. Initially we will invite you to this service and to the All Age 11am Sunday Service at the Cornwell Community Church, which meets in the Cornwell Centre, and  offers another place of Anglican Worship in the Parish with an emphasis on the family each week and a Sunday School.  

Our other family focused activity is  "Messy Church" on a Saturday,  about once a month.  This is a place to learn about Jesus and make friends, a place for children and adults to learn about, and become involved in the church. Many of our regular members go there as an extra activity together and for the family meal.  On fifth Sundays we join together in worship  and have a "Messy Church" together. We also have a popular Summer holiday club that we run together and a Youth Club.

The  worship at St.Catherine's gives you time to think and be inspired in your walk of faith. The congregation aims to be very open to the Spirit and feel and respond to God's presence. There are hymns and songs to enjoy, and good fellowship with others. For many, as one member put it,  it is an " alternative home and family".

There is a on-going program of reaching out  in the area through delivering  prayer request cards to each house and prayer on the streets in the TIlehurst Triangle, on Saturday afternoons twice a month.

 In our  mission initiatives our aim  is to work with other churches in the area to share and show the Good News. We have a weekly prayer service with St.Joseph's Roman Catholic Church. We have a particular concern for the lonely and the isolated. The former St.Birinus building is now The Empress Road Centre and is run by "The Gate" and there is regular worship and events held there.

The Church is the people not the buildings so why not come and be inspiried in your walk of faith and support others in their's.