Brief Video Tour of Thruscross Cemetery

A brief video tour of Thruscross cemetery (which is cared for by St Saviour's church, Thornthwaite) on Greenhow Hill Road in the parish of Dacre with Hartwith & Darley with Thornthwaite. Many are not aware, due to its remote but lovely location, that the Thruscross Cemetery has been improved in the last couple of years. This is thanks to the initiative and hard work of Norman Wheat and the parish council. This has involved the laying of paths, and the planting of wildflowers and trees, making maintenance much more manageable and the cemetery much more attractive. The cemetery was created when Thruscross reservoir was built, when a number of the burials from the old Holy Trinity, Thruscross churchyard (not St Mary's as I say in error on the video!) were reburied here before the flooding. But other local folk have been buried here since as well. There is plenty of room for centuries to come. If you are local and would like, you can be laid to rest here when the time comes, or if you simply want to peruse the memorials for a bit of local history, or to look for a relative, or enjoy the birdsong and moorland views, anyone is welcome to visit.