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Pathfinder Church

Welcome to Pathfinder Church: why not join the adventure?

praying, exploring and sharing

We are starting a new adventure here in Northstowe! Like any group of pilgrims on a journey, we expect that we will be changed as we travel. We’ll be changed by the people and places we meet, and as God works in and through us. If you’d like to be part of this journey… if you are willing to help shape us, and be shaped by that encounter… come and walk a while with us as we follow Jesus Christ — The Pathfinder. 

Our normal pattern is to gather every Sunday to meet with God, meet with one another, and go out equipped to make a difference in the places God calls us.

Our main focus for prayer and worship is Sunday afternoons (meeting at 3.30pm).

On Sunday mornings, we partner with the community.

On the first Sunday we do something half way between: our Breakfast Gatherings offer those of faith and those without to eat together and talk about things that matter, while optional activities allow people to dig deeper at the pace they feel confortable.

Take a look at our online diary to see what's coming up: 





      2.45-3.05pm, Prayers for Pathfinder School. Pathfinder School


      3.30-4.30pm The Micro Wing Thing, The Wing  (events run in partnership with others)


       10.30am  Litter Pick (meet at Pathfinder Primary School)

      3.30-5.30 Afternoon Gathering with Baptism, Pathfinder School


24th Nov - Northstowe's first Sustainability Day (10am-1pm), concluding with Forest Church (3.30-5pm)


We are committed to allowing everyone to grow in their faith, acknowledging that some people (no matter how young or old!) respond best to quiet reflection and others to more interactive experiences. We believe that children have much to teach us, and wherever possible meet together across the generations, giving a choice of activities.

We are also part of the wider Northstowe Community. Together with the District Council Community Development Officer, we run The Micro Wing Thing every Wednesday during Term (3.30-4.30pm, The Wing, Northstowe), and are part of the collection of Northstowe groups that help run the monthly Wing Wednesdays (4-9.30pm, 2nd Wednesdays of the month, The Wing, Northstowe). You'll also meet us at other community events. Stop by and say hi! 

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Get in touch

Revd Dr Beth Cope

Church House, 6 Woodpecker Close, Northstowe
01954 261 181
01954 203 459

Autumn Term with Pathfinder Church

Every Every day at midnight for 1d

(For Sunday Gatherings)
The Pathfinder Church of England Primary School
Pathfinder Way,

We generally have two gatherings each sunday: Click MORE to see our events diary and what's on the program this week, or visit us on facebook

Our overall pattern is:
1st Wednesday evening: Nooma Evenings (8-9pm) at 6 Woodpecker Close
Reflective Video and Compline (a quiet reflective end-of-day service)

1st Sunday of the month (in Pathfinder School Hall)
Breakfast Gatherings (with an optional simple spoken liturgy) at 10.30am
A prayer walk setting out at 3.30pm

2nd, 3rd, 4th Sunday Mornings, Partnering with the wider community to make a difference (see our online calander or facebook for more)

2nd, 3rd, 4th Sunday Afternoons, Afternoon Gatherings in Pathfinder School Hall
(with Communion once a month)

5th Sundays and out of school term: Something Different
often getting together with the other churches in the 5folds family, or meeting for lunch, or…
watch this space

In partnership with other organizations, we also support:

The Micro Wing Thing every Wednesday in Term 3.20-4.30pm in The Wing. 
Revd Beth's Club (Pathfinder Primary School) every Monday lunchtime in Term
Wing Wednesday (2nd Wednesday evening of the month, THE WING)
Other Northstowe Community events in general!
School and civic festival events

All age/Family Refreshments Compline Family Friendly Fresh Expression of Church Gluten-free communion Community event Event held in a School

The new town of Northstowe, being built between Cambridge and Huntingdon, is being marketed as “a sustainable new development”. But is “sustainable” really possible?

29 Oct 2019, 5 p.m.