Church of England Diocese of Leeds Woodside

Pilgrim Course starts at St James' via ZOOM

20 Apr 2020, 6 a.m.

The Ten Commandments and Jesus' summary of the law were at one time near the very centre of our culture and civilisation.  They were learned by heart  and often rehearsed in public worship.  They were inscribed in public places and often displayed in the home.  For centuries they were at the centre of what Christians learned about their faith.  Yet today they are little understood, let alone followed.

This module of the Pilgrim Course affirms that the Christian life is about far more than keeping external rules.  The  Christian life is about forming Christian character and virtue over the whole of our lives.

During Lent 2019 members of the St James' community explored the Beatitudes and we're looking forward to continuing our discipleship journey together.