Weddings at St James'

Engaged or thinking about it?  Congratulations!

We love weddings at St James', and enjoy making a special effort to make your special day meaningful and memorable - the start of a long and happy life together.

Many couples are married in church because (whether their faith is strong or not) it's important to ask God's blessing on their married life.  We consider it a great privilege to share the joy of your big day, and we want to do all we can to help you to be ready for it.

The UK has criteria about where a couple may be married including place of residence, baptism, regular attendance for worship.  If you wish to be married at St James' we would be happy to explore how we can make that happen.

To find out more without obligation, please contact the Vicar, Revd Jonathan Cain, on 07375 557804 or [email protected].  He will be delighted to arrange a time to meet and talk with you about what we can offer.