Church of England Diocese of Leeds Croft

Easing of Lockdown

4 Mar 2021, 1:45 p.m.

We hope that all who read this page are safe and well and continue to help yourselves and others to survive this crisis. We know that for many it is an essential part of their well being that they come together to share their faith and are pleased that we can begin the process of opening the church, we as yet do not know what restrictions will be in place and for how long. From April 4th there will be regular services , the dates are published in our Services and Events section.  We also have resumed taking bookings for weddings and baptisms which is encouraging as it indicates that the church will no longer be an empty building but a place of worship and social solace. 

This virus has no regard for age, gender or religion, it lives for itself therefore we are encouraging a cautious approach and ask all who use our church to continue to observe good practice, social distancing, hand hygiene  and wearing a mask and we will do all we can to assist in this.