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The Chaplains are available to listen if you would like to talk to someone. During lockdown we can meet you via MS Teams or speak on the phone. Get in touch with any of us via the links below, use the form or email [email protected] if you're not sure who can help.

The Chaplaincy aims to support Students and Staff in building supportive communities of faith, where fundamental questions can be explored and a deep personal search for meaning is encouraged.

We are here to offer support to the whole university community. Whatever you believe, whatever your background, whoever you love, whatever your struggles or doubts, and wherever in the world you are, we want to hear from you.

The Chaplains

Revd Orion is the Anglican (Church of England) Chaplain, Fr John is the Catholic Chaplain, and Nisar Shaikh is our Muslim Chaplain. Chaplains are available to see all members of the College – students and staff, of any faith or none.

You do not have to be religious to see a Chaplain: we are practiced listeners and have a wealth of experience in supporting people through relationship, work and study difficulties, and vocational issues, as well as dealing with spiritual questions. If we are unable to help, we often know who can. You can speak to any one of us. If you’re not sure who might be best for you, you can email the Chaplaincy directly.

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