Church of England Diocese of St.Edmundsbury & Ipswich St. Matthew, Triangle and All Saints Ipswich

About Us

Welcome to Bridge Church Ipswich.

We are a brand new church based at the St Nicholas Centre Ipswich, IP1 1UQ.

We are for all sorts of people of all ages. We are for Ipswich. We are for community. We are for social action. We are for you.

We are for people who have church irrelevant or archaic in the past. Or those who have never been to church at all.

We are for children, young people, students and families.

We want church to be both an adventure and about coming home. We want to try and do things a bit different. We want to see change.

We all have things in common. Questions. Struggles. Hopes. Belonging. Eating!...

So, It would be great to connect with you. Why not get in touch.