About Us

St. Peter's Church (C of E) stands right in the heart of Harrogate. At 8.15am each morning, except Sundays, a Breakfast Club serves free hot breakfasts to people who are homeless or in poor housing. Food parcels are available to those in need at 4.45pm every evening. Sunday Services include: 8.30-9.00am Holy Communion (BCP); 9.30-10.25am Family Communion; 11.00-11.55am Choral Matins (Holy Communion on first Sundays); 4.30-5.10pm Afternoon Church; 6.30-7.25pm Choral Evensong (Holy Communion on Third Sundays). Cafe Reflexion and Lunchtime Reflexion take place on Wednesday and Thursdays respectively, a Healing Service on Tuesdays and mid-week Communion on Thursdays.  Refreshments are often available 10am-4pm on Saturdays. The Parish Office is usually open between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.